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Sailun Tyres Partnership with World Child Cancer Charity

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Recently, Sailun held an event at the Vietnam factory together with the World Child Cancer (WCC) charity to celebrate the end of the 2016 fundraising year. This year the top two fundraisers – Kirkby Tyres (UK) and Norgesdekk (Norway) – were invited for their contributions along with the Sailun Group Europe office. In addition to the private factory tour, the group explored Ho Chi Minh City and took a tour through the Mekong Delta.

Cooperation between the two organizations began in March 2015, and Sailun is recognized as WCC’s only designated partner within automobile related industries. As the only designated tire industry partner, Sailun used its own brand influence in Europe to call global attention to children’s cancer in the world. 

From Sailun’s point of view, the goal of the company is not only to seek to maximize our own interests, but also to be an important enabler of social welfare, the progression of society, and the sustainable environmental development. Therefore, Sailun pays close attention to and actively practices social welfare undertakings.

In early 2016, Sailun held a Gala Dinner at the Schloss Hugenpoet during Reifen in Essen, Sailun Europe presented a cheque to WCC for €50,000. The WCC Chief Executive, Jon Rosser, commented: “We are extremely grateful for the support from Sailun and its network, and look forward to working with Sailun in the long term to improve the chances of survival for children with cancer in the developing world”.

Plans are now underway for a greater, global collaboration between Sailun and WCC. Initial commitments have been made by both North America and the Sailun headquarters to actively participate in 2017.  We will be launching the new initiative in early 2017 – this will be aimed at raising money for specific Sailun-sponsored projects.

A small but ambitious, and global, charity, World Child Cancer’s mission is to bring greater awareness to cancer, cancer diagnosis, treatment and palliative care for children. Their vision is to raise survival rates to between 50-60% by treating children with relatively simple protocols and inexpensive drugs. They fund international twinning partnerships which link experienced paediatric oncologists, nurses and healthcare workers from world renowned child cancer units in developed countries to projects in South America, Cameroon, Malawi, Ghana, Bangladesh, Philippines and Myanmar.

For more information about WCC web site, you can visit

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