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Sailun sponsors Peking University's Gobi Desert Challenge

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Peking University's National School of Development (NSD) kicked off the 16th Gobi Desert Challenge for business schools at Beijing Palace Garden Hotel on November 21, 2020. Among the attendees were Chen Chunhua, dean of BiMBA Businesses School at NSD, Professor Yang Zhuang, professor of management at NSD and Fan Baoqun, assistant dean of NSD and executive vice dean of BiMBA. Also present were Cheng Junhui, director of NSD Alumni Department, Chai Yurong, director of EMBA at NSD, EMBA class leaders Liu Wenbo, Li Ran, Zhang Yuanyuan and representatives from various business schools in China. During the launching ceremony, Sailun Group vice-president Dr. Yuan Song presented a 1 million CNY sponsorship to NSD for the business school competition.



The Xuanzang Road Gobi Desert Challenge is an experiential cultural event for EMBA students of Chinese business schools. The contest, now in its 16th edition, upholds Xuanzang's ethos of “I would rather die going to the west than live by staying in the east”. Divided into teams, participants will trek through the 120.62km uninhabited Gobi Desert, allowing them to experience the process of going beyond their limits in harsh environments and achieve success through “ideals, action and persistence”. Contestants will also learn that humans are an integral part of nature in the vast world and develop the resilience that enables them to conquer their fears and embrace life's challenges with a positive attitude.


The Xuanzang race's ethos of “ideals, action and persistence” matches the corporate culture and brand spirit of Sailun Group. 

During the ceremony, Sailun shared a video promoting their participation in the FIA International Drifting Competition in 2019. Dr. Yuan Song accompanied the with a more in-detailed introduction to Sailun’s development including its participation in various professional racing competitions. 


Sailun Group will continue to partner with NSD in various areas, including strategy and corporate management. These strategic collaborations with top Chinese universities will improve the company's operational capabilities, internal management as well as accelerate the buildilng of Sailun Group brands and provide better products and services to users globally.

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