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Sailun supplies tires to Taiwan Cement Corporation's mines in Mainland China

2021-06-10 Hits:738

     Sailun recently delivered 18.00R33, 35/65R33 radial tires to Taiwan Cement Corporation's (TCC) mines in Mainland China, with both companies taking their cooperation to the next level after Sailun supplied a small batch of tires to the Taiwanese cement producer in 2020.

    As Taiwan's first listed company, TCC is a renowned multinational cement manufacturer. The company has the largest cement production capacity and sales volume in Taiwan. With a turnover of RMB28.4 billion in 2020, TCC was awarded Management Institute in Taipei's “Outstanding Taiwanese Business in Mainland China 2020”.

   With the rapid development of China's cement industry, Sailun focuses on meeting TCC's needs by adopting the “One Mine, One Solution” principle. Sailun conducts on-site visits to each of TCC's cement mines to promote the most suitable radial tires for specific mines. Both companies have also deepened their cooperation in the supply of tires for rigid dump trucks and large mining wheel loaders. TCC has set its sights on building a smart and sustainable manufacturing plant. In this regard, Sailun's TIMP tire life cycle smart management system will provide a more effective and efficient method of tire management and help TCC realize its smart and sustainable cement mine project.

    TCC's 23 subsidiaries have chosen Sailun as their domestic radial tire supplier, a testament to Sailun's product quality and strengths. Sailun will continue to supply TCC with top quality products and offer excellent after-sales services, paving the way for further cooperation. 

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