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Sailun Group chairman receives ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong’ award

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The Communist Party of China (CPC) Shandong Provincial Committee and Provincial Government held the Work Mobilization Conference 2022 in Jinan on February 7. Presided by Zhou Naixiang, Shandong governor and deputy secretary of the provincial committee, the meeting saw Li Ganjie, secretary of CPC Shandong Provincial Committee delivering a speech. Also present were Ge Huijun, chair of Shandong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Provincial Committee Deputy Secretary Yang Dongqi. The conference commended entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the province, including Party secretary and chairman of Sailun Group Yuan Zhongxue, who was honored with the ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong’ award.

As a representative of outstanding entrepreneurs, Yuan Zhongxue has been working in the rubber industry for 50 years and aspires to revitalize China’s rubber industry. He is an advocate of technological and management innovation, transformation of research findings, integration of production, education, research and supply chain to achieve industry growth and social progress.



Yuan Zhongxue receives the ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong’ award

Companies drive innovation, while entrepreneurs are the explorers, organizers and leaders of innovation. Under the leadership of Yuan Zhongxue on a journey towards a new era, Sailun Group will gain confidence, continue to develop and promote high-quality development in the rubber industry and write a glorious new chapter on entrepreneurship.

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