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Sailun’s EcoPoint3 tires grab three awards at ApexTire 2021

2022-04-02 Hits:1145 and Shanyang Auto announced the winners of ApexTire 2021 China Annual Tire Awards virtually on March 28. Sailun won three awards – Environmentally-Friendly Tire of the Year, Fuel-Efficient Tire of the Year and Low-Carbon Benchmark Enterprise of the Year, in recognition of the excellent performance of its new S01 and SFL12 tires that were manufactured with cutting-edge “EcoPoint3” technology. The awards are also a testament of Sailun’s achievements in low-carbon and sustainable development.


Sailun had recently launched the EcoPoint 3 series of S01 passenger car tires and SFL12 truck and bus tires. Both tires were produced with new high-performance rubber materials dubbed “liquid gold”, featuring improved wear resistance and wet skid performance while reducing rolling resistance. These three major aspects are collectively known as the “Devil’s Triangle”, which have been plaguing the tire industry for many years. It is difficult to strike a balance in ensuring all the three aspects of wear resistance, wet skid performance and rolling resistance pass quality standards, but Sailun has managed to address “Devil’s Triangle” issues with its green, fuel-efficient, safer and more durable EcoPoint 3 tires.


The quality of Sailun’s EcoPoint3 tires has been validated in domestic and international tests, including the Jiangshan Tour, Yunnan Fuel Saving Miles campaign, TÜV Rheinland, as well as road tests by logistics and taxi companies. The tires have also received certification from leading organizations such as Spain’s IDIADA, Smith Laboratory and China Rubber Industry Association. Sailun’s EcoPoint3 passenger car tires have met the EU labeling requirements with double A classification in May 2021, while the China Rubber Industry Association awarded EcoPoint3 truck and bus tires with the highest Tire Label Grading Standards rating of “3A” grade. TÜV Rheinland also presented the Fuel Efficiency Pioneer Award to Sailun’s EcoPoint3 tires.



The tire industry has also hailed Sailun’s EcoPoint3 tires as a groundbreaking technological development and is regarded as the fourth milestone in terms of innovative products after bias tires, radial tires and green tires. Apart from improving the three major aspects of tires, EcoPoint3 tires also promote the green development of the entire supply chain by substituting renewable raw materials, a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing process, improving product safety, and improving fuel economy.

Sailun has always aimed to achieve its mission to “Making Great Tires”. The company will continue to increase R&D and investments in innovative products to optimize and enhance product performance, and contribute to the growth of China's rubber tire industry.


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