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Sailun has established modern tire manufacturing plants in Qingdao, Dongying, Shenyang and Vietnam, and set up sales networks and logistics centers in Canada, Germany and other regions to service markets around the globe. With total manufacturing capabilities of more than 26.6million TBR tires, 88 million PCR tires and 310,000 tons of OTR tires in a year, Sailun sells its products in more than 180 countries and regions across Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa.
  • Established

    In 2002

  • Annual Operating Revenue

    18 Billion CNY

  • Total Assets

    26 Billion CNY

  • Global Employees


  • 01

    PCR tires for high-speed driving on good roads

  • 02

    TBR tires are a complete range of tires for cargo trucks and passenger vehicles driving on and off-road. A smart choice for truck and passenger vehicle drivers.

  • 03
    Specialty Tires

    Tires for construction, military applications, and agricultural vehicles that meet varying driving requirements

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