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Sailun China PCR RE Present Marketing 2.0 Evolution and Summer Tire Test Drive

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July 18th, Sailun China PCR RE team held a full day of activities covering the demonstration of the group’s marketing 2.0 evolution, as well as a demonstration of what the group’s “Tire Ecosystem” is capable of with on-site testing at the BMW Experience Center. 



Yuan Song, Vice President of Sailun Group 

The morning brought distributors from all across China together to participate in a presentation on Sailun Group’s developments since its establishment. The presentation started with Sailun Group Vice President Yuan Song who commented on the rapid response by Sailun Group in its promptness to adjust operating strategies and work jointly with dealers to support activities around China, and ensure a steady flow of products and services during the crisis. He stated that the group’s focus moving forward is “to continue promoting technology independence, growing our intelligent manufacturing capabilities, and brand internationalization by leveraging advantages from breakthroughs in fundamental research and alternative materials. With the support of big data analysis tools, digitized channels, and improved brand marketing, the group will establish and grow a symbiotic relationship with dealers during the post-COVID-19 development.”


Yang Fan, Sales Director for China PCR RE, introduces the group’s strategic plan 

Yang Fan, Sales Director for China PCR RE, presented an overview of the last 6 months along with the plans for the second half of 2020. “Sailun Group’s development focuses on talent development and acquisition, channel management through the new store management system, updated brand positioning, informatization, and the establishment of support facilities around the country. We look to support and grow with our suppliers and dealer channels.”


Chen Zheng, Deputy Director of the Marketing Department, introduces updated brand positioning and content

Chen Zheng, Deputy Director of the Marketing Department and the Sailun Motorsport Department, introduced the updated brand positioning for China along with new visual identities and labeling designs to help support domestic dealers. “This work was created to improve distinctiveness between our brands in the market. Each of our channels has varying needs and our focus is to satisfy those needs; the differentiation of our brands being just one of many steps.”


Qingdao Shangao Automobile Technology Service Co., Ltd.

Speech by General Manager Yang Jin

As a special guest speaker, Mr. Yang Jin, General Manager of Qingdao Shangao Automobile Technology Service Co., Ltd., presented the digital marketing plan for Sailun Group. His presentation walked through the practical functions and specific operations of the Sailun dealer store application while explaining the reward policy for dealers in detail.

5-2.jpgChen Jierui, China PCR Deputy Director of Marketing

Chen Jierui, China PCR Deputy Director of Marketing, expanded on the new dealer management application and introduced two Sailun Group dealers to share their experience using the application. Sailun Group then followed up with the official nationwide launch announcement for the new digital marketing platform.

After the meeting, the participating dealers visited the BMW Experience Center in Shanghai for an exhilarating test ride. Sailun's four major brands in Domestic China (Sailun, RoadX, Rovelo, and Blackhawk) were all present at this event, each equipped to different BMW models to allow dealers to experience Sailun Group’s brand line-up compatibility and quality with BMW products for themselves. The Blackhawk HU02, Rovelo RV08, were equipped to the BMW X3, RoadX DU11 was equipped to the BMW X5, and Sailun SU58 was equipped to the new BMW 330i model.




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