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Sailun Racing Slicks Set a New Track Record in F4 Chinese Championship

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The opening race of FIA Formula 4 Chinese Championship debuted at the Shanghai International Circuit from April 19th to 21st. The drivers, aided by the Sailun PF01 racing slicks, showcased their peak performance, presenting the audience an exhilarating racing spectacle. Ultimately, professional driver Hoang Dat Sawer from Blackjack and young talent Fu Kang JIANG emerged victorious in two respective finals.

In this season, F4 Chinese Championship introduces the all-new M21-F4 race cars. To fit the new cars, Sailun engineers developed the perfect tire match - PF01. PF01 racing slicks are specifically engineered according to M21-F4 race cars’ power, aerodynamics, and field-testing data, delivering substantial enhancements in grip, support, and stability.

The PF01 racing slicks performed exceptionally on F1-level tracks during the opening race. Whether from the speed when warming the tires or the grip showcased through intense acceleration and braking on the ultra-long straights, to the support and stability of tire temperature demonstrated in continuous high-speed cornering, Sailun PF01 tires were all commendable, offering assurance for all drivers and receiving unanimous acclaim all around post-race.

During the qualifying race on the weekend, the professional driver Hoang Dat Sawer from Vietnam broke the F4 lap time record at the Shanghai International Circuit with a remarkable time of 2:10.610. Later in the opening race, a young driver Kai Shun LIU from Hong Kong (China) further beat the record to 2:09.796 in the 10th lap of the race.

In recent years, Sailun continues to innovate and make breakthroughs in the field of racing tires, accumulating rich experience in various domestic and international events. With this experience, it has worked tirelessly to apply the improvements in racing tire technology for use in practical passenger car applications while in turn, to apply its ground-breaking EcoPoint3 technology used in passenger cars to competition tire research and development. Sailun is excited to leverage its cutting-edge technologies and provide quality, high-performance tire products and services to both customers and racing drivers.

The next F4 Chinese Championship match will be held from May 24th to 26th at the new Chengdu Tianfu International Circuit. We are looking forward to witnessing racing talents bring record-breaking performance with the help of Sailun tires!

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