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Sailun Group Releases 2023 Annual Sustainable Development Report

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On April 26th, Sailun released its 2023 annual Sustainable Development Report, the 11th edition of such reports compiled and published by Sailun. The report is structured around four main chapters: Sustainability Management, Environmental Responsibility, Social Responsibility, and Governance, providing a comprehensive overview of Sailun's social responsibility principles and achievements in practice.

The report announced Sailun Group's two main sustainable development goals (SDGs):  First, the content of sustainable materials in tire products will be increased to 40% in 2030 and to 100% in 2050. Second, by 2030, energy consumption per unit product will be reduced by 30% compared with 2022, and carbon emissions per unit product reduced by 30%.

In 2023, Sailun achieved significant reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions during the production process. The carbon emissions per unit of PCR decreased by 10.07% compared to 2022, while for TBR, the decrease was 9.87% and OTR saw an even larger reduction of 16.43%. In terms of energy management, the energy consumption per unit of PCR tire decreased by 9.89%,  TBR by 9.45%, and OTR by 14.15% compared to 2022.

Adhering to the principles of sustainability and recycling, Sailun has extensively utilized renewable materials such as natural rubber and synthetic fibers in tire manufacturing. Currently, Sailun has the technological capability to create PCR and TBR tires containing over 75% and 80% sustainable material content, respectively.

This year, Sailun officially joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and is committed to continuous improvement of operations and standards to correspond with ten principles of UNGC. The company has also actively responded to the urgent call for corporate climate action from the Science-Based Carbon Target Initiative (SBTi) by formulating specific short-term emission reduction targets and implementation plans based on SBTi.

Meanwhile, Sailun also pays close attention to labor standards and employee rights. Employees of Sailun come from 33 different countries and regions, with a ratio of 47:53 between Chinese and overseas staff, with some occupying leadership and key roles across different hierarchies. More than 40% of the Group's Board of Directors are women, including the Chairwoman, and women within the group also maintain many key positions in the Group.

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