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Sailun Group Officially Releases the “Eco-Rubber Cloud" Platform

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After nearly 20 years of research and devleopment, Sailun aims to resolve the shortcomings of the traditional manufacturing industry, including complex manufacturing techniques, lack of communication between upstream and downstream resources and information, difficulties in digital transformation and a high threshold for iterative innovation. Therefore, Sailun has worked with MESNAC, the leading smart manufacturing enterprise in the rubber industry, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China Telecom, Alibaba DAMO Academy and other partners to jointly create the “Eco-Rubber Cloud” platform, officially release on June 11.


       "Eco-Rubber Cloud" provides a wide range of professional  software services and mobile apps for different aspects of the business through the integration of digital models and data. Currently, the platform has fully-fledged product applications and solutions for major areas including smart manufacturing, digital marketing, smart supply chain, collaborative R&D systems, and digital operations.


        At present, Sailun's “Eco-Rubber Cloud” platform has accumulated nearly 100 software products and solutions for the rubber industry and has integrated mainstream enterprise management software such as ERP, CRM and PLM.

        Focusing on core industrial smart manufacturing, the “Eco-Rubber Cloud” platform has realized the interconnection of the 5M1E (human-machine-material-method-environmental-measurement) method in all vertical processes and built the most complete digital model library in the industry. At present, more than 99% of the equipment have been interconnected with massive amounts of data while the number of data collection points surpasses one million. Moreover, the annual data collection growth has reached over 4.5 billion with a large number of cases in total quality control, automatic mscheduling and AI visual recognition. The internal business operations are now fully interoperable with upstream and downstream enterprises. The platform has currently attracted over 800 suppliers, over 1,200 dealers, and over 5,000 stores.


        In terms of manufacturing, Sailun has built a modular, standardized, and platform-based rapid promotion and replication capabilities based on the "Eco-Rubber Cloud" platform. Using the new smart factory as an example, the equipment configuration cycle can be shortened from the conventional 18 months to 3 months. The system has also placed global and domestic factories onto one system, with one set of data, on one data report to improve factory management. The remote equipment diagnostic operation and maintenance platform based on "Eco-Rubber Cloud" can ensure the standard operation of overseas factories and promote stabe increases of production capacity.


       Through strategic cooperation with mainstream software vendors such as UFIDA, Suda and Guanjiapo, "Eco-Rubber Cloud" provides one-stop service solutions for distributors at home and abroad. The optimizaiton of marketing models and supply chain, online coordination of orders, logistics, inventory, and payment settlement at the retailer level are only a few of the aspects which help channels achieve ditigal transformation.


       "Eco-Rubber Cloud" also provides innovative services for different types of users. For commercial transportation fleet and vehicles in mining areas, "Eco-Rubber Cloud" can provide real-time services including checking tire temperature, pressure and vehicle trajectory as well as support new business models that charge by mileage and service life. Vehicle  owners can use services such as safety warnings, emergency rescue, tire insurance and more through "Eco-Rubber Cloud".


      The release of Sailun’s "Eco-Rubber Cloud" platform is a game-changer for the business’s digital transformation, will promote the aggregation and integration of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and bring about  diversified operations of the industrial chain’s core business. This will further create  an open, interdependent, win-win “tire development ecosystem” which improves the increase of quality and efficiency.

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