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Sailun Tyre Transportation Partner for World Child Cancer

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Sailun continues its pledge to World Child Cancer – an organisation working to support children with cancer in the low and middle-income world - with a 50,000 Euro donation. With the global spread of the novel coronavirus there is enormous pressure on already fragile health systems. Sailun and World Child Cancer continue to work together to ensure that children with cancer and their families have access to the treatment and support they need. 



 This year marks Sailun’s 5th year supporting World Child Cancer as the transportation partner, alleviating the financial burden for families of children with cancer. Support with transport is vital for two reasons: Firstly, it dramatically increases the likelihood of a child completing their cancer treatment. Many families are unable to cover the costs of transportation to obtain the treatment they so desperately require and end up having no choice but to abandon treatment. Secondly, this allows doctors to visit and effectively follow up on patients living in rural locations who may not be able to travel several hours to the city for their follow-ups. These aspects are what make transportation such a key aspect for helping these children and families.



“It is our hope that this donation helps to support World Child Cancer’s main cause, as well as alleviate the struggles their foundation has seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their cause is a worthwhile endeavor and we understand the struggles they could be facing during such a troubling time.” Gareth Passmore, VP of Sailun Europe. 


As a citizen of the world, Sailun understands that it has a responsibility to give back and help communities around the world, which is why Sailun Tyre is committed to providing support to organizations such as World Child Cancer. Their work helps to bring the support and happiness to families when they need it most.

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